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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Bruges

I spotted this movie while randomly flipping through msn.uk and instantly liked the premise.
The article quoted it bore similarities to Harold Pinter's Dumb Waiter.
I was curious and the next time I stopped by Velachery Videos, I picked up the DVD, films like these will never release in India.
A dark comedy, with such wonderful dialogues last seen perhaps in Pulp Fiction and you finally realise that Colin Farrel is Irish!
The three leads are super in their roles, but it has to be Ralph Fiennes as the foul mouthed Harry who comes out on top.
There's a smart little scene in the deleted scenes section of the DVD, one in which Harry is traveling by train and a co-passengers tries to initiate a conversation with him.
Lol! And the nod to Nicholas Roeg is definitely there
As for the similarities with Dumb Waiter, yes, but just the key plot, I would say it takes heavy inspiration from another chilling film, Nicholas Roeg's Don't look now, more than Pinter's play. And that's saying enough about the film without giving out spoilers.
A must watch and yes, shot beautifully, in fcuking Bruges :)
P.S: The academy actually noticed this, the blind idiots finally did, and gave it a nomination for best (adapted?) screenplay. But seriously I'd have been all teary eyed if either of it's leads had secured an acting nom.


Posted by Sat at 11:18 AM



Havent seen both the movies that you have told. Will see it if it comes to Redbox :) (My major source of entertainment now a days..)

Kalyanathukku munnadi every friday night Theatre'la irupaen... ippo appadi illaye...

By Blogger KK, at 4:00 AM, February 27, 2009  

BTW, I read your Naan Kadavul post long time back... but thought I will see the movie and then comment but before that you posted this post... so that post's comment here....
I felt the movie was pretty well taken... Though I agree with you that Bala took too many subjects for one movie... I feel dealing just one subject in deep would have made the movie more a documentary and thereby wont be money grosser... Overall I felt that the movie was a healthy for tamil filmdom.

By Blogger KK, at 4:04 AM, February 27, 2009  

Havent seen this movie, comedy you say, Will check it out soon and tell you my views :)

ungala erkaname Tag panitangala!

tag ezhuthunga :)

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